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Real Estate Photography, Video & Virtual Walkthru
Myrtle Beach, Little River, Ocean Isle and Sunset Beach

VR Tours with SkyVR

This is a recent tour that we did in North Myrtle Beach, SC. In this tour we added a new pano from our Drone.

This gives the client a birds eye view of the property. The ocean, the pool, tennis courts, etc. We are calling it SkyVR.

We serve Horry County, Columbus County and Brunswick County but will travel as needed. We have already done several projects in the Little River/ North Myrtle Beach area with Drone Video, VR and Photography. 

Our area really covers most of North and South Carolina, but if you have multiple properties, we can travel even farther. 

Our local focus is Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Cherry Grove, Little River, Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle Beach.

Question to you… who can do it all?

One place - KBDrone!!!!

Still Images vs Drone Video/Photos

So you are in the real estate business, selling property. You can take a few pictures of the back yard, the porch, the front of the house from the street. And that’s all you are gonna do?

Drone video and photography can do so much more. In a few minutes we can show the view of the entire property, the waterway behind your property, the shopping center just down the street. The woody area behind it, the ocean you’ll see at sunset. We can bring that property to life.

Something those few photos can never do.

And we can do it for a lot less money than anyone else. You can get your video unedited so you can do it yourself or send us your logo and we’ll do it for you.

We are fully licensed FAA Drone Pilots with the very best 4K DJI drone. 

And coming soon, we will be offering 360VR video/walk throughs of your home.

With 360VR and Drone Video/Photography, we can help sell that property quickly and for a great value. And it won’t  cost you a fortune to do it.

Drone Video and Photos

We will spend an hour at your site, shooting video and photos with our DJI 4K Drone. You will get 10 to 20 photos and 4 or 5 good clips of nice looking video.
Cost: $99.00

We can make the videos look good with your logo/without and touch up any photos that need it.
Total Cost: $159.00

Photos and Internal Video

Internal photographs and video. 
Each room using professional lighting and video taken with a gimbal.

Cost: $99.00



360 Images taken with our 360deg camera.
Put together in a complete walkthrough and hosted on our server or yours.
If we host, we will send you a link to use in the MLS system and on your website.

If you want the tour on your site, we will dropbox it to you or you web developer.

Cost: $199

Roof Inspection


The coastal areas, including Myrtle Beach, Little River, Ocean Isle, Garden City, Cherry Grove and Holden Beach are subject to some pretty damaging weather. Often it’s hard to know for sure, to what extent your property has been damaged. Manual inspections can be difficult due to the slope and angle of the roof. Most often inspectors do not have the tools to get to every point. 

So how do you know who to trust? That’s where we come in! 4K video will get every detail, at every corner, no matter where, no matter what angle or slope.

And you have a full video of your damage for reference.

Construction Management


Whether you are the builder or the developer, often it’s hard to see the entire project by driving or walking around; to see how the pieces are falling together; to see the aesthetics of the overall project.

A full 4K video will show you from 400ft in the air what you can’t see from the ground.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Here we recommend full 4K video inside and outside the home. A 4K walk thru and a 4K view from the sky.  Perfect for homes with unique layouts, incredible views, or emmaculate landscaping. Show potential buyers why your home is special and deserves an in person viewing. 

More showings could mean more offers, higher sales price, or faster sales. 

Our Services

K  & B is a technology company. We offer computer support (www.k-bcomputers.com), Wifi services (www.kbwireless.net) and Photography Video (KBdrone.com). Give us a call at 910-653-4505 to discuss your technology needs.