KB Drone

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Myrtle Beach, Little River, Ocean Isle and Sunset Beach


Sky Replacement

This is a property on Highway 17 in Garden City. Commercial with lake frontage. The owner wanted to market it for a potential Bar or Restaurant. So with our drone we took some photos and they turned out great.

But as an additional value we added some cool skys, here a sunset, as would be seen from the back deck of the bar.

The owner/agent was very pleased with the project.



We do photos as well.

It’s hard to place value on good photos, but I imagine that dull, dark pictures don’t do anyone any good. 

We have a good mirrorless camera and some awesome software and professional lighting.

Afterwards, we can review and adjust any images that need some extra work. 

Even if you want to take your own pictures, call us, we can still help make them better.

And we stand behind our work. You don’t like it, you don’t pay for it.